Nursing Care | Nurse Agency

We understand it is more critical than ever to offer great quality, clinical care at home and in the community.

Our expert community nurses and carers provide temporary nursing and care support for clients at home. They’re equipped to step in to support discharge plans, limit hospital admissions, sustain client safety and support undecided rosters.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Service Offered:

  • Interim staffing to overcome shortfalls in existing shift rotas

  • Backfilling for interim cover during recruitment periods

  • Assistance in maintaining staffing in long term complex care packages

  • Support for both adults and paediatrics

  • A nurse-led team contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Rapid response to expedite early discharge and to circumvent hospital admission

  • A staffing solution to stabilise complex mental health cases in crisis