CCG | Clinical Commissioning Groups

Solsken Limited works closely with clinical commissioning groups to achieve the best possible outcome for the people we serve. We currently work with Mansfield & Ashfield CCG, Milton Keynes CCG, Calderdale CCG and North Lincolnshire CCG. We are approved Complex Care Providers for many other CCG's around the country.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) created following the Health and Social Care Act in 2012 and replacing Primary Care Trusts on 1 April 2013 are clinically-led statutory NHS bodies responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for their local area. As of 1 April 2020, following a series of mergers, there are 135 CCGs in England.

Commissioning is about getting the best possible health outcomes for the local community. This involves assessing local needs, deciding priorities and strategies, and then buying services on behalf of the community from providers such as hospitals, clinics, community health bodies, etc. It is an ongoing process. CCGs must constantly respond and adapt to changing local circumstances. They are responsible for the health of their entire population and measured by how much they improve outcomes.

What makes Solsken care unique?

Dedicated Staff Teams; Each individual we support has their own staff team, members of this team are not allocated to other packages. This, of course, improves continuity and consistency of care, forming a stronger contingency plan and better working relationships.

Client-Specific Recruitment; We obtain the person specification from the individual during the initial assessment and with these criteria, we build a team of highly qualified and trained staff.

Robust Contingency Plans; Each member of the individual’s team assign themselves to be placed on standby for one or two shifts a week in case of illness or unforeseen shortfall. Operational and clinical managers are also trained to become competent on each package to provide further contingency.

Well-Retained & Valued Staff; Although we are a ‘for profit’ organisation, we at Solsken have made a conscious decision to significantly decrease profit margins to allow us to pay frontline staff competitive rates as they are the very foundation on which care is provided. This, in turn, makes staff feel valued and appreciated and increase staff retention.

Fortnightly Visits From The Management; Our unique approach to service delivery is to have a strong management presence in the community, visiting our teams and the individuals we support. This allows us to foresee potential problems or issues and resolve them before they escalate, hence staff and individuals feel supported.

Weekly & Monthly Reports; We provide the CCG with weekly and monthly reports to keep them fully informed on the progress of each package of care.

Robust Operating System; We have invested in an operating system that allows us to monitor each package of care. Each task completed is fed into the system in real-time via mobile secure apps and is accessible by staff, managers, service users and families where appropriate or requested. This encourages transparency and fulfils our duty of candour. It also allows us to remain 100% compliant with CQC regulations at all times. All care plans and related forms are available and editable via our secure app.

24 Hour support from clinical and operation managers to staff and clients alike

Client Involvement; We involve the individuals we support by giving them as much control as desired in their own package of care, for example, recruitment, rotas etc

Quarterly Rotas

We’ve Binned The Hierarchy System; We at Solsken believe in leading by example. We do not believe in anyone in our team is beyond approach. We have an open-door policy and staff appreciate being treated as equals. Our company ethos is ‘reverse pyramid’.

We look forward to working in partnership with your local CCG and together make a real difference to people’s lives!

If you are unsure whether we are on the approved providers' list in your area's CCG please contact us for more information.